Harlequin Non-Potable Tanks

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Designed exclusively for the storage of Non-Potable Water (i.e. water which is not intended for human consumption), Harlequin Non-Potable Water Tanks are ideal for installation at agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and institutional premises. A wide choice of models and capacities is available, including a number of Water Tanks previously supplied under the Balmoral Tanks brand.

Whichever Harlequin Non-Potable Water Tank you choose, it benefits from being manufactured from a specially selected polymer. Benefiting from inbuilt protection against the damaging effects of sunlight, the polymer also helps suppress the formation of algae, to ensure your Harlequin Non-Potable Water Tank stays cleaner inside for longer. Buy Harlequin Water Tanks online with confidence at Fuel Tank Store.

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