Harlequin Bunded Diesel Tanks

Shop and buy Harlequin Bunded Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks online at Fuel Tank Store.

At Fuel Tank Store, we’ve got a great selection of Harlequin Bunded Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks to choose from. Whether you require a Diesel Tank to refuel a single fork lift or a tank to refuel a fleet of HGVs… we’ve almost certainly got a Harlequin Bunded Diesel Tank to suit.

Our range includes fully bunded Fuel Point and Fuel Station models, available in a wide choice of capacities and designs. Many are suitable for storing and dispensing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) too, as well as regular grades of Diesel and Gas Oil.

Whichever Harlequin Diesel Tank you choose, you can be certain you’re choosing a tank which complies with or exceeds the most demanding British, Irish and European requirements. And a tank that benefits too, from a conditional, Harlequin-backed warranty, allowing you to shop and buy online at Fuel Tank Store with confidence.

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