Fuel Tanks - 230v AC

Shop and buy 230v AC mains-powered Bunded Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks online at Fuel Tank Store.

Mains powered (230v AC) Bunded Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks are the most popular type on sale in the UK and Ireland today. They are ideal for installation where a suitable mains electricity supply is available and easily accessible.

At Fuel Tank Store, we’ve got a great range of Bunded Diesel Dispensers, including Carbery Fuel Points, Carbery Fuel Kings, Harlequin Fuel Points and Harlequin Fuel Stations, available in a choice of capacities. Many are suitable too, for use with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), together with regular grades of Diesel and Gas Oil. Whichever Bunded Diesel Tank you choose, you can be confident it combines forecourt style refuelling convenience, with the assurance of supply only an on-site Diesel Storage Tank can provide.

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