i-Track Fuel Oil Tank Monitors

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i-Track specialised in the development and supply of electronic Fuel Tank Gauges and Heating Oil Energy Monitors. The i-Track business was established in 2010 as Hopedale Securities Limited and renamed i-Track Networks Limited a year later. The Belfast based company ceased trading in 2013. i-Track Networks’ assets were subsequently acquired by IT Meters Limited, which despite lofty ambitions, itself ceased trading in early 2017. Following the demise of IT Meters Limited, a former Director of the company established i-Track Limited in February 2017, with the business being renamed Oiltrack Limited a year later. 

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i-Track monitors were primarily supplied through plumbers’ and builders’ merchants, fuel distributors, online resellers and storage tank manufacturers. Fuel Tank Store Limited did not sell or supply i-Track products at any time. 

Despite manufacture of the original i-Track units having now ceased, i-Track monitors still occasionally appear for sale online. If you're considering the purchase of such a unit, you should be aware it is no longer supported. 

Product Range

At the time of i-Track’s demise, its range comprised just two products – an IT1000 Storage Tank Monitor and a IT9000 Heating Oil Energy Monitor. Both i-Track models were wireless monitors, which used contactless, ultrasonic technology to monitor fuel tank levels. The IT1000 product was suitable for use with a wide range of fuels and liquids, including Agricultural Fuel Oil, BioDiesel, Diesel, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Kerosene, Lubricants and Waste Oil. By contrast, the IT9000 monitor was suitable only for use with oil-fired central heating systems.

Both the IT1000 and IT9000 systems comprised a tank mounted transmitter and a receiver unit, situated indoors. The transmitter monitored the level of fuel inside the tank and relayed this information to the receiver unit, which displayed it on an LCD display. The IT1000 unit displayed basic level information, whilst the IT9000 additionally provided users with energy cost, fuel consumption and carbon emission data.

Warranty and Technical Support

It is understood warranty and technical support is no longer provided for any i-Track product.

Replacement Products

i-Track transmitter units were affixed to tanks using an industry-standard connection, fitted to most plastic and steel fuel oil tanks supplied in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. As the same connection is used by other storage tank monitoring products, replacing an existing i-Track system is usually a simple and straightforward process.

Recommended Replacement Products

Queries? Questions?

If you are replacing or upgrading an existing i-Track monitor and need assistance, our Customer Support Team is here to help. You can call us on 01789 632 151 in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man or call 01 5268 642 in the Republic of Ireland. Alternatively, you can e-mail hello@fueltank.store We’re open from 9am to 5pm weekdays - excluding Bank and Public Holidays. 

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