Harlequin Diesel Tank Product Specifications

CAD Images of Harlequin Fuel Points and Fuel Stations

Harlequin was one of the first storage tank manufacturers to launch a range of fully bunded, purpose-designed Diesel storage and dispensing tanks. That was almost 20 years ago, and during that time,  the company’s Fuel Station range has become a byword for safe, responsible and reliable Diesel storage and dispensing. 

Since the launch of the original Fuel Station range, Harlequin’s Diesel Tank range has been strengthened with the addition of the company's Fuel Point offering. By providing customers with a real and meaningful choice of product specification, Harlequin has ensured that wherever and whatever the requirement to store Diesel… there’s almost certainly a tank to suit.  

Today, Harlequin Fuel Points and Fuel Stations can be found at farms, businesses and factories, the length and breadth of the British Isles and beyond. But one of the most frequent questions we’re asked is ‘Should I choose a Harlequin Fuel Point or a Harlequin Fuel Station?’

The Same. Just Different. 

Both Fuel Point and Fuel Station models use the same, high-quality mouldings, but feature differences in equipment specification. So, whilst Fuel Station models are primarily designed for larger, multi-user applications, the Fuel Point range is best suited to smaller Diesel storage installations, with a limited number of regular users. 

Product Approvals

As you’d expect from a market-leading UK manufacturer, both Fuel Stations and Fuel Points have been engineered to comply with or exceed all applicable British, Irish and European regulations. So, whether you choose a Fuel Station or a Fuel Point, you can be confident you’re putting your Diesel storage requirements in safe hands. 

Material of Construction

Both Fuel Stations and Fuel Points are manufactured from the same, specialist grade of fuel-resistant, Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). 

Storage Tank Capacities

Fuel Filtration 

  • Fuel Stations are supplied with a 10-micron water and particulate filter as standard; 
  • Fuel Points are supplied without a filter as standard. However, a factory-fitted, 10-micron particulate filter can be specified as an extra-cost option… just confirm when placing your order. 

Equipment Lighting 

  • 230v AC Fuel Station models feature an illuminated equipment area as standard, to provide cleaner, safer, refuelling during the hours of darkness;
  • An illuminated equipment area is not available on Harlequin Fuel Point models.

Fuel Metering

  • All Fuel Stations are supplied with a factory-fitted Flow Meter as standard. Dependent upon model, this takes the form of a mechanical flow meter, a digital flow meter or a fuel management system;
  • Factory fitted flow meters are not supplied as standard with any Harlequin Fuel Point, but a mechanical flow meter can be specified upon request and at additional cost on all models. 

Fuel Monitoring 

  • All Fuel Stations are supplied as standard with an electronic fuel monitoring system, at no additional cost;
  • Harlequin Fuel Points are not supplied with an electronic fuel monitor as standard, but this can be supplied separately upon request and at additional cost. 

Overfill Prevention

  • All Fuel Stations are supplied with a factory fitted, failsafe LRC overfill prevention probe as standard. Larger capacity models additionally feature a mechanical overfill prevention valve. 
  • Fuel Points are not supplied with overfill prevention devices as standard. However, an LRC overfill prevention probe can be retrofitted, where required. 

Power Supply Options

  • Fuel Stations are available to suit 12v DC, 24v DC, 110v AC and 230v AC power supplies;
  • Fuel Points are available only to suit 230v AC power supplies i.e. mains power. 
Hoses and Reels

  • Harlequin Fuel Points with a capacity less than 5,000 litres come with a 4 metre, flexible delivery hose attached to a delivery nozzle, with automatic shut off function. Models with a capacity greater than 5,000 litres are supplied with a 6 metre delivery hose with auto shut off nozzle; 
  • All Harlequin Fuel Stations again come with a 6 metre, flexible delivery hose attached to a delivery nozzle, with automatic shut off function. Larger capacity (5000FS, 7500FS and 9250FS) models can be specified with an 8 metre, flexible delivery hose and spring loaded reel as an extra-cost option. 

Product Quality

All Harlequin tanks are British made, to the very same quality standards at the company’s UK manufacturing facilities in Moira, Co. Armagh and East Kirkby, near Spilsby in Lincolnshire. 

Fuel Security 

Both ranges are supplied with a locking point on all doors / lids, together with a lockable 4” inspection cap. 


Both ranges benefit from integral, weatherproof venting as standard.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil

  • Harlequin Fuel Stations manufactured after 1 July 2021 and with a capacity of 5,000 litres or greater are suitable for storing and dispensing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel. 
  • Harlequin Fuel Stations with a capacity less than 5,000 litres and equipped with Harlequin's HVO Upgrade Kit are also approved for use with HVO;
  • Harlequin Fuel Points are not currently approved for the storage of HVO fuel. 


Both ranges are supplied with an identical, 10-year, manufacturer-backed, conditional, tank warranty, together with a 12-month, manufacturer-backed, conditional, equipment warranty – excluding consumables. And given Harlequin has been around for almost 4 decades, they’re known as a manufacturer who keeps their promises and honour their commitments. 

So… what’s the best choice?

This is a question we’re frequently asked by customers. The simple answer is customer specific, but in general:

  • If you need to store a large quantity of Diesel, or your tank will be regularly used by multiple users, or will be used to store Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), we’d normally recommend you give consideration to the Fuel Station range;
  • If your storage requirements are more limited and your tank will only be used by a small number of users and you have access to a 230v AC mains power supply, then we’d suggest the Fuel Point range.

What about Harlequin Transfuel?

Harlequin 430TFD Transfuel is the world's first 'plastic-on-plastic', fully bunded portable Diesel storage and dispensing tank. Featuring an inherently useful 430 litres storage capacity, Transfuel allows you to store and dispense Diesel almost anywhere on demand. And because it's bunded, it can be legally and safely used where single skin alternatives can't. 

So what's the Spec?

Transfuel is available in a choice of 12v DC and 24v DC power supply options. Whichever power supply option you choose, Transfuel comes with the following options as standard:

  • Piusi By-Pass Fuel Transfer Pump
  • 4m (3/4” dia.) Diesel Delivery Hose;
  • 80-micron Strainer and Non-Return Valve;
  • Trigger Nozzle with Automatic Shut Off; 
  • 2” BSP Fill Point;
  • Pressure Relief Vent;
  • Lockable Lid;
  • Integrally Moulded 4-Way Fork Lift Access;
  • Strapping Points;
  • 4-Metre Battery Cable and Crocodile Clips.

Any Options?

Yes, you specify either a 10-micron Particulate Filter or a Fuel Flow Meter. 

Can I specify both a Filter and a Flow Meter on a Harlequin Transfuel?

Afraid not. Due to limited within the equipment area on Harlequin Transfuel tanks, it's not possible to specify both a 10-micron Particulate Filter or a Fuel Flow Meter.

Still Unsure?

We know choosing the perfect Diesel Tank isn't always simple or straightforward. So, if you need further guidance, we’d love to hear from you… so why not get in touch? You can call us in the UK on 01789 632 151 and in the Republic of Ireland on 01 526 8642. You can also e-mail hello@fueltank.store or click here to complete our Online Contact Form. Our friendly, professional team is available 9am to 5pm weekdays to answer your queries and questions.