Diesel Tank Capacities

Composite Image of Carbery and Harlequin Bunded Diesel Tanks

Diesel Tank Capacities

When choosing a Diesel tank, perhaps the most important consideration is capacity. Choose a tank that’s too small, then it will require refueling more often and you may miss out on volume delivery discounts. Choose a tank that’s too large and you’ll find yourself paying more than you need to, for capacity you do not require. That’s why it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • What types of vehicles and equipment will the tank supply?

  • How frequently will vehicles and equipment be refuelled?

  • How many vehicles and items of equipment need to be refuelled?

  • How many weeks fuel coverage will I require?

To help, we’ve summarised how often a range of popular tank capacities can typically refuel a range of vehicles and equipment in the table below. Please be aware that vehicle fuel tank capacities can - and do - vary by vehicle type, model and manufacturer, so always check before placing an order for any tank.

Table 1 Vehicle Refueling by Tank Capacity

1,000 litres

1,350 litres

2,500 litres

3,500 litres

5,000 litres

10,000 litres

Lawn Tractor

49 fills

67 fills

124 fills

173 fills

247 fills

595 fills

Light Commercial

23 fills

32 fills

59 fills

82 fills

117 fills

235 fills

Small Hatchback

17 fills

24 fills

44 fills

61 fills

87 fills

174 fills

Family Car

11 fills

16 fills

29 fills

40 fills

57 fills

114 fills

Panel Van

12 fills

17 fills

31 fills

43 fills

61 fills

123 fills

7.5 Tonne Truck

7 fills

10 fills

18 fills

25 fills

35 fills

70 fills

40 Tonne Truck

3.5 fills

5 fills

9 fills

15 fills

21 fills

42 fills

Large Tractor

1.75 fills

2.5 fills

4 fills

5.5 fills

7.75 fills

16.5 fills

Combine Harvester

1.75 fills

2.5 fills

4 fills

5.5 fills

7.75 fills

17 fills

Gas Oil Storage

As well as being approved for the storage of Diesel, all our Diesel Tanks are additionally suitable for storing and dispensing Gas Oil (Class A2 and Class D) to British Standard BS 2869. On some Diesel Tanks, an additional outlet can be specified, for connecting the tank to a fixed combustion appliance e.g. a Gas Oil fuelled generator, space heater, boiler or grain dryer.

Biodiesel Storage

Every Diesel Tank we supply is suitable for the storage of Diesel manufactured to British Standard BS EN 590 and Irish Standard IS EN 590. Consistent with BS/IS EN 590, Diesel fuel supplied in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and European Union, can have a bio content of up to 7% Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME).

Please note our Diesel Tanks are unsuitable suitable for storing or dispensing:

  • Diesel with a bio content greater than 7%;

  • Diesel with a bio element other than FAME.

Biodiesel with a bio content greater than 7% and/or a bio element other than FAME requires specialist storage and a purpose-designed dispensing system. For further information and guidance, please contact our Customer Support Team. We’re open weekdays from 9am to 5pm and you can call us in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man on 01789 632 151, in the Republic of Ireland on 01 5268 642 or e-mail hello@fueltank.store.

HVO Storage

Selected Diesel Dispensing Tanks are also approved for the storage of HVO:

  • All Harlequin Fuel Stations with a capacity of 5,000 litres or greater are suitable for the storage of HVO, together with regular grades of Diesel;
  • All Harlequin Fuel Stations with a capacity of less than 5,000 litres can be specified at additional cost for the storage of HVO.

Portable Diesel Storage Tanks

In addition to a great range of Bulk Diesel Storage Tanks, we also offer Portable Diesel Storage Tanks too. Our range includes Carbery's clever Fuel Caddy - great for site and emergency refuelling applications, together with mobile Transfuel Bunded Diesel Dispensers from Harlequin and Mobi Point Mobile Refuelling Tanks from Carbery. All Harlequin Transfuel models and larger capacity Carbery Mobi Point mobile tanks are even ADR approved. 

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AdBlue Storage

Where there’s Diesel, there’s often AdBlue too… and we’ve got a great range of purpose-designed AdBlue Tanks from established and trusted manufacturers to suit. To learn more, why not click here and take a closer look?

Queries? Questions?

If you require further guidance or assistance on choosing the ideal Diesel Tank, our Customer Support Team is here to help. You can call them in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man on 01789 632 151, in the Republic of Ireland on 01 5268 642 or e-mail hello@fueltank.store. We’re open from 9am to 5pm weekdays - excluding Bank and Public Holidays.