Carbery Diesel Tank Specifications

Photograph of Carbery Diesel Tanks

Looking for a new Diesel Tank? Then as one of the leading storage tank manufacturers in the UK and Republic of Ireland, you’ve probably already shortlisted Carbery. But with a choice of Fuel Point Standard, Fuel Point Premium, Fuel King, Mobi Point and Caddy models to choose from… which should you choose? 

Carbery Fuel Points

Since they first appeared on the scene over a decade ago, Carbery Fuel Points have transformed how Diesel fuel is stored and handled in factories, transport depots and farms across Europe. Fully bunded, Carbery Fuel Points arendesigned to exceed even the strictest Diesel storage regulations throughout the UK and across the EU. You can choose from two grades of Fuel Point – Standard and Premium

Standard grade models come complete with a 230v AC fuel transfer pump, 5 metre fuel-resistant delivery hose, automatic shut off nozzle, lockable equipment access and integrated water / particulate filter. A conditional, 10-year, Carbery fuel oil tank warranty also features as standard. And since the company has been around for over 40 years, it’s proven time and again that it honours its commitments and customer obligations. 

Premium specification models benefit from everything fitted to Standard grade Fuel Points. They usefully add a fuel flow meter with resettable batch totaliser, illuminated equipment area and Apollo Ultrasonic fuel oil tank monitor too. 

Fuel Point Takeaway: Fuel Point Standards are ideal for smaller installations, with only a limited number of users, whilst Fuel Point Premiums are a great choice at larger installations, with a greater number of users. Click here to view Carbery's Fuel Point range. 

Carbery Fuel Kings

Complementing Carbery Fuel Points is the company’s Fuel King range. Fully bunded, they’re uniquely well appointed, featuring the very latest fuel storage and dispensing technology. And, as you’d expect from a company of Carbery’s credibility, each is designed to exceed all current and expected Diesel storage regulations – peace of mind and reassurance, in a world of continual change. Available in a choice of both 1,350 litres and 2,500 litres capacities, every Fuel King features a 230v AC Diesel transfer pump, retractable hose reel with flexible delivery hose, automatic trigger nozzle, Apollo Ultrasonic fuel monitor, Hydrosborb water / particulate filter, flow meter with resettable batch totaliser and lockable equipment access. 

Fuel King Takeaway: A great choice for Diesel users who prioritise convenience and ease-of-use. Click here to view Carbery's Fuel King range. 

Carbery Mobi Point

Carbery’s Mobi Point range comes in 220 and 430 litres capacities and with a choice of 12-volt DC or 24-DC volt power supplies. They’re designed to strap on to the back of a pick-up truck and allow you to fill and dispense wherever and whenever required. The 430 litres model is ADR approved, whilst the smaller 220 litres model is usually exempt from ADR requirements. Aside from the difference in voltage, all models are supplied with the same rich feature set – 50 litres per minute fuel transfer pump, 4m battery fly leads, 4m flexible delivery hose, automatic shut off nozzle, lockable flip lid and integrally moulded strap-over points. 

Mobi Point Takeaway: Ideal for use on and off-site. Choose the 220 litres capacity model for smaller and the 430 litres model for larger plant, vehicles and equipment. Click here to view Carbery's Mobi Point range

Diesel Caddy

This 52 litres capacity, portable, wheeled Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tank, is small enough to fit in a car boot, yet large enough to get you started and keep you going. It’s one of three Carbery Caddys, with Petrol and AdBlue models also available. The Caddy features, a premium quality, Piusi Hand Pump with 38 litres / 100 revolutions output, 3m flexible Diesel delivery hose, manual dispensing nozzle, integrally moulded handle and foot support, together with solid, transport wheels.

Diesel Caddy Takeaway: Ideal for emergency and small scale Diesel refuelling applications... and don't forget Carbery's AdBlue and Petrol Caddys too. Click here to view Carbery's Diesel Caddy. 

Queries? Questions?

If you’ve still any queries, we’re here to help. You can call us in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man on 01789 632 151 and in the Republic of Ireland on 01 526 8642. Alternatively, e-mail Our Customer Support Team is available 9am to 5pm weekdays to answer your queries and questions.