At Fuel Tank Store, we’re committed to supplying products which are big on quality and low on price. That’s why, we’ve upgraded our Heating Oil Tank Installation Kit product offering, to Atkinson Equipment’s AFV-1000 Fitting Kit. 

Supplied by UK oil equipment specialist Atkinson Equipment Limited, the AFV-1000 Fitting Kit contains everything required for a standard bottom outlet oil tank installation, in a single, handy pack. Suitable for use with almost any plastic heating oil tank with an industry standard 1” outlet, the pack comprises: 

  • Lever type isolation valve;
  • 50 micron nylon filter;
  • 1”/½” BSP (M) reducer;
  • 10ml bottle of Heldite liquid sealant; 
  • Oil-resistant PTFE tape;
  • 3/8″/10mm BSP (M) compression fitting. 

To complete the installation, just connect the oil supply line. For a competent, professionally accredited heating oil technician, it really is that simply and straightforward.

Best of all, this top quality kit actually costs less than before – now just £23.94 inc. VAT, compared with the previous price of £30.60 inc. VAT... that's a saving of over 20%! And that price includes free UK delivery by Royal Mail to almost any address in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Plus, because it’s designed and manufactured by Atkinson Equipment Limited, it benefits from decades of experience in the development of oil-fired heating equipment. 

To find out more and to buy online, click here or click the product link below.