1. Bank Holiday Monday 2 May 2022

    Our offices and distribution centre are closed today, Monday 2nd. May, 2022 for the UK May Day Bank Holiday, reopening tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd. May, 2022 at 9am. Should you need to contact us today, you can:

    • Leave a Voicemail message for us in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man on 01789 632 151;
    • Leave a Voicemail message for us in the Republic of Ireland on 01 526 8642;
    • E-mail
    • Complete our Online Contact Form by clicking or tapping here:

    We will reply to all messages and voicemails, upon our return.

    We wish all our suppliers, customers and friends a brilliant Bank Holiday Monday.

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  2. Get Composting With Carbery Roto

    A firm favourite with Fuel Tank Store customers, Carbery’s clever Roto Composter is now back in stock and available to order online. 

    Home composting allows you to reduce food and garden waste and instead to create, healthy, hearty home made compost. And whilst other tumbling composters are available, we’ve yet to see one that’s as well made and as easy to use as Carbery’s Roto. Its clever, tumbling action eliminates the need for forking. Meantime, the Roto’s clever, castor-based design, ensures there’s no requirement for potentially troublesome gears or linkages. 

    Home composting helps return precious nutrients to the soil, improving soil condition and helping to increase water retention. And the good news is that getting started, couldn’t be easier! Every Carbery Roto Composter is delivered fully assembled, allowing you to get composting straight away. Simply sort food and garden waste into the three colour coded categories stated on the accompanying product label:

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  3. Harlequin Unveils New 1200 Bunded Low Profile

    British storage tank specialist Harlequin Manufacturing Limited, has announced the addition of a next generation 1,200 litres capacity Low Profile Bunded Oil Tank, to its ever-growing range of environmentally responsible, Bunded Heating Oil Storage Tanks. 

    Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK by Harlequin, the new model is ideal for installation at premises where discrete oil storage facilities are required. A little over a metre tall, the new tank can be positioned discretely in almost any garden and easily concealed behind a dry-stone wall. 

    According to Harlequin, the new model was ‘Developed in response to increased demand from customers for a low-profile tank with a small footprint without having to compromise on capacity.’ So, as well as a discrete and space-efficient footprint, which can reduce installation costs, the tank features a 1,210 litres brimf

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  4. Easter Holidays: 18 - 25 April 2022

    Fuel Tank Store will be closed for Easter Holidays from 430pm on Thursday 14 April 2022, reopening at 9am on Monday 25 April 2022. 

    Should you need to contact us during the Easter Holidays, you can:

    • Leave a Voicemail message for us in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man on 01789 632 151;
    • Leave a Voicemail message for us in the Republic of Ireland on 01 526 8642;
    • E-mail
    • Complete our Online Contact Form by clicking or tapping here:

    We will reply to all messages and voicemails, upon our return.

    We wish all our suppliers, customers and friends a refreshing Easter Break. 

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  5. Order Today And Beat The Price Increase

    We have recently been notifed that with effect from all deliveries on or after 1st. July 2022, the price of Carbery and Davant storage tanks and accessories will increase.

    Carbery products will increase by 6%, whilst Davant products will increase by 15%. This result is a consequence of supply chain cost pressures, with considerable and recent increases in energy, raw material, distribution and component costs. Whilst every effort has been made to absorb these increases, regretfully it has now become necessary to increase product prices. 

    As some products are currently subject to extended lead times, and supply of pre-increase product is limited, it's strongly advised to place any outstanding orders as soon as possible. Should you have any queries, you're very welcome to call

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  6. Get The Most From Your Oil Tank

    If you’re a heating oil user, it’s reassuring to know that today’s oil tanks are better made than ever before. Today, all plastic heating oil tanks sold in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man must comply with British Standard / Irish Standard EN 13341. And most – but not all – have been tested and approved by the experts at The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC), in accordance with the requirements of their OFCERT product licensing scheme.

    Low Maintenance, Not Maintenance Free

    It’s important to be aware that whilst today’s heating oil tanks are low maintenance, they’re not and never will be maintenance-free. Nor can they be simply fitted and then promptly forgotten. 

    Instead, tanks should be ins

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  7. HVO Ready Oil Tanks From Harlequin

    Considered by many to be the next generation of liquid heating fuel, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is the fossil-free, low carbon, alternative to traditional grades of Heating Oil. It’s made from waste and is independently certified as a sustainable material, which doesn’t contributed to deforestation. 

    Cleaner and greener than Kerosene which is currently the most popular liquid heating fuel in the UK, HVO is an ideal replacement – reducing emissions by almost 90%, when compared with an existing, Kerosene fuelled boiler. That’s why, it’s so significant, that Harlequin – the UK’s market leading storage tank manufacturer – has confirmed its range of Bunded Heating Oil Tanks is additionally suitable for the storage of HVO.

    With a choice of capacities from 350 litres to over 9,000 litres, Harlequin offers one of largest Oil Tank ranges available from any British manufacturer. From space-saving Slimline models, to super-sized Vertical tanks, wherever and whatever the sto

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  8. Choosing An Oil Tank? It Pays To Choose Wisely.

    Oil Tanks are a safety critical product, which when manufactured in accordance with industry and regulatory standards, can provide many years of dependable, reliable service. Irrespective of whether you choose a plastic oil tank or a steel oil tank, it’s good to know that there are industry and legal standards you can depend upon. In the UK and Republic of Ireland, there are 3 relevant manufacturing standards for Heating Oil Tanks:

    • British Standard BS EN 13341 / Irish Standard IS EN 13341; 
    • OFS T100, and; 
    • OFS T200. 

    Together, these standards can  help you determine whether or not an Oil Tank complies with industry and statutory requirements. 

    BS / IS EN 13341

    Since 2013, it is a legal requirement under 

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  9. Beyond Bunded Tanks: Top Outlet Systems

    Traditionally, heating oil tanks supplied in the UK and Republic Ireland have had the outlet positioned near the bottom of the tank. It’s a practice which dates from the time when many oil-fired appliances utilised a ‘wick burner’, and a reliable fuel supply, was dependent upon gravity. 

    Today, most oil burners are of the pressure jet type, and an increasing number of oil storage technicians recognise the benefits of a modern, top outlet oil tank. Top outlets have been the norm for decades at oil heating installations in many parts of the world, including continental Europe, South East Asia and North America. 

    Closer to home, and demand for top outlet tanks has been driven by an increased understanding of the role they can play, in reducing the prevalence and extent of oil-related pollution incidents. Disconnect the oil line from a bottom outlet tank and a pollution incident will almost certainly result. However, remove the oil supply line from a top outlet tank equipped

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  10. Oil Change For Red Diesel

    If you own or operate Diesel fuelled equipment, especially within the construction sector, then you’ll wish to be aware of upcoming, new restrictions upon the lawful use of ‘Red’ Diesel and other rebated fuels from 1st. April 2022. These new restrictions effectively end the use of rebated fuels within the construction and manufacturing sectors. 

    The regulations apply throughout the United Kingdom – so whether you work in Strabane or Sudbury, Sullom Voe or St. Ives, they may impact you. Additionally, whilst not part of the UK, similar changes are being introduced in the Isle of Man at the same time. 

    ‘White’ Diesel v ‘Red’ Diesel 

    Almost identical to ‘White’ Diesel (sometimes called ‘Road’ Diesel), ‘Red’ Diesel contains a red dye to indicate it is a rebated fuel. As a rebated fuel, ‘Red’ Diesel is subject to less duty and a reduced rate of VAT when compared to non-rebated fuels such as ‘White’ Diesel. The

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